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This All-Vegan Ice Cream Parlour Just Opened In Toronto And You Need To Try It ASAP

This is going to be legen-(non)-dairy!!

Ice cream tends to be full of dairy, so it would be natural to think that vegans aren’t able to enjoy it. They usually don’t get the chance to snack on some chocolate-covered sundaes on a Sunday, or devour a cone by the waterfront on a warm summer night.

It's a lifestyle that people often believe doesn't include a lot of flavour. It's all: "Sorry vegans, but you only get tofu and water" - oh, and this new all-vegan ice cream parlour that just opened in Toronto.

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Making its debut on August 2nd, Not Your Mother is the city's newest hot spot for vegans to go and enjoy a cone, cup or shake of soft-serve epicness. Located on Queen Street West, this fun shop features anything from rainbow sprinkles (the fun, round kind) to crushed Oreos and whipped cream.

In terms of the logistics and all, the flavours of vanilla and chocolate are made with soy-based ingredients, while the pineapple and strawberry flavours are fruit-based. Not only is it vegan, but it’s also nut-free (double score for vegans with any nut allergies!)

Other than serving epic creations and an abundance of How I Met Your Mother jokes, the shop also includes insta-worthy designs inside. It's funky and retro; like something you would exactly expect from a new store on Toronto's Queen Street.

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The parlour is also the beginning of the new meat-free restaurants and bakeries opening in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood, with the shop debuting alongside Vegandale Brewery and Copenhagen Cafe (a vegan bakery with Dutch-inspired treats). 

The name of the parlour - Not Your Mother (Not Your Milk) - mirrors the campaign that peta2 came up with, which basically explains how the mother cow never gave consent for people to drink her milk. Politics aside though, this place serves insane ice cream creations and is bound to end up on your revised city bucket list.

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New and ready to take on Toronto's vegan scene; you better buckle up for it now kids, because this place is one you’ll be reminiscing about for ages *cue How I Met Your Mother theme song.*

For more information, you can check out their official website.