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This Allegedly Haunted Bridge In Toronto Has Teenagers Testing A Terrifying Urban Legend After Dark

Toronto has its own collection of urban legends and myths that have been passed along by local storytellers overtime. In the district of Scarborough, one urban legend keeps adventurous teenagers coming back to an old bridge to test the validity of the story's claims.

Old Finch Road is a well-known spot in the neighbourhood of Malvern that is said to be haunted by several ghosts. One legend has a girl brutally killed on the bridge along the road on her birthday, during a time when the area was riddled with criminal activity. The rumour is that if you sing "Happy Birthday" near the bridge on the girl's birthday, you'll hear her screaming in the distance (or she might even make an appearance).

Another legend says that a set of train tracks crossing Old Finch is haunted by the ghosts of children that were killed in a school bus accident in the 1970s.  It's said that if you park your car on the tracks and shut off the engine, your car will be suddenly "pushed" off the tracks to safety and you'll see the hand prints of the dead children all over your car.

While these stories could very well have been made up over the years, some people vouch for the haunted state of Old Finch Road. Just up the hill of the road is a historic church that dates back to the 19th century. Many people have reported weird noises near the church, agitated behaviour of animals at the nearby zoo, and glowing white orbs that showed up during hikes or in photos.

Today, Old Finch Road remains to be a popular "haunt" for teenage drinking. Whether the legends are true or not, one thing is for certain — they make for a truly interesting night out.

Would you dare visit Old Finch Road?

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