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This Haunted Mental Hospital In Ontario Was Turned Into A Massive Paintball Arena

Canada is home to some of the coolest paintball arenas around. In Toronto, there’s a   realistic war-themed arena that was created by a renowned Hollywood set designer. In Trois-Rivières, Quebec, there’s a Call of Duty-themed arena that looks exactly like the iconic 1950s map ‘Nuketown from the game.

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But perhaps the most unique paintball arena in the country is the one located in Picton, Ontario, which operates in a completely abandoned government-run hospital from the 1970s.

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The building, known as Prince Edward Heights, was actually first a military barracks that was later converted into a “hospital for the mentally disabled.” The building is allegedly haunted, with supernatural investigators reporting intense paranormal activity emanating from inside the hospital.

Cold spots, glowing orbs and random screams have all been reported by past visitors. There have also been several unconfirmed stories of patient abuse and even murder while the hospital was open. Pictures of the facility are also incredibly haunting — rusted metal, broken furniture and peeling walls add to the overall creepiness of the space.

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Today, Prince Edward Heights is a full-fledged paintball arena run by PRZ Paintball. They didn’t change the facility much, so a lot of the rooms in the arena are just as they were when it was abandoned in 1999.

If you’re looking for a unique paintball experience with supernatural thrill, then PRZ Paintball is for you.

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It’s $20 per person to play and rentals are offered on-site. For more information, visit PRZ Paintball’s website.

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