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This Allegedly Haunted Trail Is The Creepiest Place You Can Explore In Ontario

Ontario is home to a spooky trail that’s said to be teeming with haunted sites and paranormal activity. 

Just outside the small village of Port Perry is the infamous Ghost Road, which was named after an urban legend involving a motorcyclist from the late 1950’s. Story goes that the young man tested the limits of his bike on the road, speeding ahead at full throttle. 

Not realizing the road was actually short, he made a sharp turn near the end of it and lost control. He ended up colliding with an old barbed-wire fence and was completely decapitated, with his head found beside a nearby large rock.

Other versions of the story say that he wasn’t decapitated, but instead simply hit his head on the rock as he fell of his bike. Regardless of what version you believe, one thing is certain — the road is forever haunted by the ghost of the motorcyclist, with several reports over the years of a strange, unidentified white light heading down the road that turns into a red light once it passes.

Aside from the urban legend, the location is said to have once been a well-travelled footpath for Natives. Many historical artifacts have been discovered in the area, which support that theory. Many strange paranormal events have been reported over the years, with some Durham College students even claiming to have caught the incidences on tape.

These incidences include sightings of hazy white beings, cars being randomly shaken forwards and backwards with children’s handprints left over, car batteries suddenly dying near the end of the road where the motorcyclist died, electronics malfunctioning, and eerie sounds in the dark of night.

Would you dare visit Ghost Road?

Source: The Paranormal Seekers

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