Toronto's brunch game has always been top notch, but a recent addition to the city's brunch community has been making massive waves. From their Instagrammable aesthetic to their incredibly delicious food, the place is fit for both your eyes and stomach so remember to bring along a camera!

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The place in question is called Baddies Toronto and while it popped up in the city last year, it's so badass that it's worth reminding everyone of again. It has become a hot spot for bloggers and brunch goers alike due to the delicious menu and incredible interior. The photos speak for themselves:

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Their menu is packed with options whether you are looking for a feast or something more on the lighter side. From chia pudding to smashed avocado and "brekky rolls," the options are fit for any breakfast obsessed foodie! The only hard part will be deciding what to eat!

If you are looking to check the place out for yourself, you can visit over at 679 Lansdowne Avenue where they operate from 8am to 4pm Friday to Thursday excluding Sunday when they are closed. If you want to check out the menu and see what's in store you can also check out their website by clicking here.