Many people choose to dine on Spadina when it comes to eating Chinese cuisine in Toronto. It's the core of China Town and it's filled with a copious amount of authentic restaurants. However, if you're looking for a truly authentic and unforgettable experience, you should check out Cynthia's Chinese Restaurant. 

When emperors lived in the Forbidden City in China, they'd receive luxurious service in beautiful restaurants. At Cynthia's their goal is to treat every guest with this rich service, just like Chinese emperors did in Beijing back in the day.

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As you walk through the door, staff dressed in traditional Imperial robes will greet you. The service at Cynthia's is very friendly, attentive and impeccable because every staff member makes sure guests feels welcome from the moment that they arrive.

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Their extensive menu has a little something for everyone, with items for a meat lovers, vegetarians or pescatarians. From dumplings to chow mein, spring rolls and hot pot dishes - they have it all. The food is delicious, plentiful and is guaranteed to accommodate all taste buds whether you're a sweet, sour or spicy fan. To complete the dining experience,  menus are presented in an emperor's rolls and hand fans, making every guest feel as if they're royalty. 

Cynthia's space is very traditional because of it's interior design and decorations. Accessories such as gold statement pieces, royal sculptures lamps, furniture and plants reflects the Chinese’s emperors way of life. The decor is styled in an artistic manner, with colorful fabrics and satins which creates a harmonic and peaceful atmosphere.

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Cynthia's Chinese Restaurant has three locations in Thornhill, Newmarket and Oakville. If you're looking to experience a truly unique and authentic Chinese dining experience, plan a dinner with your family or a group of friends at Cynthia's!