This Bakeshop In Toronto Serves A Giant Cannoli Stuffed With Smaller Cannoli

If you're a Torontonian that's obsessed with Italian desserts or desserts of any kind really, you're going to LOVE this news. There's a bakery right here in Toronto that specializes in all things cannoli, but their motto is clearly 'go big or go home'. 

They make tons of regular, delicious cannoli, but The Big Cannoli makes a special cannoli that lives up to the bakeshop's name, it's BIG! 

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To make this massive cannoli creation they fry up a HUGE cannoli shell and then stuff the inside of it with 35 smaller cannoli! Those 35 smaller cannoli's are made of up 7 different delicious flavours from classic ricotta to chocolate chip to lemon! 

This massive cannoli concoction weighs up to 6.5 pounds and can be eaten by cracking the massive out shell or just consuming the mini cannoli one by one! 

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This amazing cannoli dessert is perfect for holidays, birthdays or whenever you feel like you REALLY need to treat yourself. Find The Big Cannoli located at 28 Roytec Rd in Vaughan. Check out their website for more information!