For those of you who aren't familiar with BarChef,  you're seriously missing out on life. And those of you who are, know exactly how freaking awesome this bar is.  Their lip-smacking cocktails are very inventive, as they have "personalized potions" that will satisfy your taste-buds.

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BarChef dares the traditional cocktail experience by pushing boundaries. Your time at this bar will be super unique because their flavourful concoctions will stimulate all your five senses. This is how they use science to make the craziest drinks as they work according to a molecular program, that is more of a modern cocktail experience, a means of challenging flavors, smells and textures.

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The cocktail list is divided into three sections: the sweet and sour cocktails, which are juice-based and garnished with fresh herbs, sipping cocktails that are booze heavy and modernist cocktails that super crafty and more progressive guaranteed to stimulate all your senses. Many of their cocktails on the modernist menu include delicious edible feautures!

The "Vanilla and Hickory Smoked Manhattan." is their signature cocktail and has become a popular choice for many guests. This Cherry and black licorice cocktail has a pleasing burnt hickory flavour and infused à la minute. Made with Crown Royal Special Reserve, vanilla infused brandy, cherry and vanilla bitter, hickory smoked syrup, smoked hickory and vanilla this cocktail is guaranteed to stimulate all your senses. The presentation of this cocktail will have you in awe as you witness wood chips getting torched and a cloud of smoke boast about from the jar that is raised.

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The dimly lit, hangout spot is very intimate, that pretty much looks like a dark booze laboratory. It's the perfect place to go whether it's for a casual date or to celebrate a special occasion. BarChef is Toronto's premier cocktail bar.  If you’re a die hard for hand-crafted cocktails, then you seriously need to check it out ASAP!