Toronto is no stranger to a good café, in fact with so many in the city, it can sometimes be hard for new additions to the evergrowing café scene in the city to stand out. Though that is definitely not an issue for the city's latest spot that has got caffeine obsessed Torontonians flocking. 

The spot in question is called Rustle & Still and they've pretty much mastered the perfect café ambiance, menu and of course, they serve up some great coffee. The Vietnamese spot doesn't forget to pay tribute to their roots though where they not only serve coffee but also Asian teas and even banh mi sandwiches!

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Though we'd be lying if we said the interior wasn't the first thing that caught our eye about this spot. From the bamboo wood accents to the plant overload happening inside, it's like a zen tropical paradise tucked away from the busy city! Seriously- just look at how gorgeous this venue is:

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As if the spot itself isn't a ripe enough Instagram opportunity, Rustle & Still also features the ever so popular purple potato latte, or "lavender latter" that has been taking over the foodie scene as of late. 

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If you are more than ready to check out your next new spot for coffee in the city, you can visit Rustle & Still over at 605 Bloor Street West where they run from 8:30 to 6:30. You can also click here to view their website for more information!