Toronto's housing market is ridiculous, by now that isn't a secret. But for some people, it can actually be a really big struggle to make ends meet and still be able to afford rent. That's where the city's affordable housing comes in. 

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While many millennials are probably eligible for affordable housing in Toronto, you may never have even considered it. But, with Toronto's newest affordable housing building now accepting applications, now's the time to find out if you qualify. 

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The new high rise building is opening up in Regent Park in 2019 and applications are open until next Wednesday, October 3rd, with 75 affordable units available. 

While a number of the units in the building are specifically reserved for seniors, there are a number of 2 and 3 bedroom units available. If you meet the requirements, there's a good chance that you'll be put on a waitlist to have your application considered.

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As with all affordable housing units, all applicants have to meet a certain income requirement. In this case, the entire household annual income can't exceed  $54,768 for a two bedroom unit. So, if you're applying with another person, your combined income would have to be less than that. 

Other requirements state that you must be 16 years old, a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or registered refugee, and do not owe any money to any other social housing community or program. 

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Anyone who thinks they may be eligible can check out the requirements and can apply following the instructions of their online application system. 

The building is due to open at 110 River St in early 2019.