This Brand New Lab Themed Bubble Tea Café In Toronto Was Made To Be On Your Instagram Feed

Coffee might have been the first love for many Torontonians but bubble tea has been making some major moves in the foodie world. The newest bubble tea spot in Toronto proves to be one of the most unique in the city- hands down. Not only offering tons of teas perfect for any bubble tea connoisseur but any Insta obsessed foodie looking to snap the coolest new trend!

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Labothery over on Bay Street just opened last week and is already gaining tons of attention because of their unique presentation and concept that's never been seen before in the city. Everything in the café is science-themed where you create drink "formulas," the ingredients all being found in glass tubes and vials!   

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The reason behind all the vials and the overall concept is their team's desire to be completely open and honest about what goes into their teas. Every ingredient is exactly what you expect and is wrapped up in lab-themed packaging for you to choose from! Plus with the options practically endless, it'll suit any tea lover! 

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If you are interested in checking out the place for yourself and creating your own bubble tea concoction, you can check them out over at 717 Bay Street from 12-9 everyday! You can also visit their website to find out more information.