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This Brand New Toronto Restaurant Has Robot Servers And We Don't Know How To Feel About It

This restaurant is living in 3018, and we're not sure if we're here for it.

Toronto is easily considered one of the best spots in Canada to experience the latest food trends and concepts. Whether it's a sushi burrito or charcoal ice cream, there is always something new and out of the box arriving to the city. But, this new concept tagging along with a sushi restaurant is definitely a huge leap into the future - this place has robot servers.

The spot in question is called Robo Sushi, and as the name suggests, you are, in fact, going to get your sushi served to you by a robot! If you're a little creeped out by the concept because you've watched maybe a little too much "Black Mirror," just look at how cute they are!

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How the restaurant works is just as simple as you would think! The robots greet you and take you over to your table, then when you are ready you place an order with your personal robo-server, they'll deliver your food once it's ready! The robots even have names, and if you were worried about collisions, they are programmed so that they don't run into each other. So rest assured, your sushi will be safe with them!

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If you thought the spot was only good for its unique servers, you couldn't be more wrong! RoboSushi offers a great roster of fan favourites from chicken teriyaki to sashimi as well as other fun concepts such as sushi pizza and massive sushi trays!

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So, where can you find the robots just waiting to serve you some California rolls? You'll have to head over to 865 York Mills Rd Unit #9 for the experiment. It goes without saying that it's definitely something you've got to see and experience for yourself to believe!