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This Toronto Cafe Serves Macaron Matcha Lattes And They Look Delicious

The all new craze of matcha everything has slowly started to take over the coffee and dessert worlds. If it has matcha in it we automatically want to try it because matcha is super delicious and it also has a lot of health benefits since it's a powerful antioxidant. 

There's one cafe in Toronto though that does matcha seriously well. They specialize in both cold and hot milk teas and one of their most popular flavours is, obviously, matcha. But they add something special to it that most cafes don't: macarons! 

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One Ten Cafe is located at 110-28 Finch Ave W in North York. In addition to making a delicious matcha milk tea they also top them with pieces of chewy, sweet macarons! 

They call this drink the "Maca-Matcha" and they add macaron flavours like strawberry cream, salted caramel, matcha and pistachio on top! All their drinks and snacks are made with 100% organic ingredients as well. 

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The space itself is incredibly cute and offers tons of opportunities for amazing Instagrams. They have a neon sign that reads 'hello gorgeous', they have gold writing in the floor that reads 'cheers' and they have cute cacti and succulents across the store! 

Some of the other amazing drinks they make include milk bubble teas, strawberry green tea, mango jasmine green tea with salted cheese cream, watermelon slush, passionfruit lemon oolong tea and so much more! They also make Hong Kong-style bubble waffles to snack on. 

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Check out their website for more information. 

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