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This Canadian Brand Has The Perfect Christmas Gift Your BF Actually Wants

He'll be well-dressed all year.

Hear that? It's the sound of gift wrap crunching and cash wraps ka-chinging. The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and if you're like me, you're broke/still wondering what to get all your loved ones this year.

But hands down, the hardest person to shop for on your list is your SO. Although you practically spend every living moment together and should know almost every pair of socks he owns personally by now, he's still so picky — or even worse, so vague — that you have no idea what on earth to give him this year.

But before calling it quits and buying that McDonald's gift card, let me show you this perfect solution like the Christmas fairy godmother that I am!

via @pochesetfils

Custom pocket shirts. The trend started a few years ago and has now exploded for men, women and even babies!

They're just so classic and easy to wear with any outfit. Most retailers offer t-shirt, sweatshirt and tank top options as well so you could buy for all seasons and climates.

An awesome Montreal-based company called Poches & Fils offers over 70 choices of pockets, depicting everything from animals to fast-food, sports and other patterns, and releases at least two new designs every week. Plus, you get to personalize the shirt yourself on their website with over 4,000 possible combinations AND your order is delivered in a pizza box within 2 to 9 days!

Imagine that on Christmas morning.

The possibilities for fun and timely graphic pockets are endless, so there's literally an option for every kind of guy:

From the forever hungry BF...


The Blue Jays fans...


The lumberjack...

via @pochesetfils

The Beer Pong Champion...


And even the Cat Lover...


And you can even get one for yourself...


Check out their Facebook page and Instagram for more inspiration and start pocket-picking here!