This Canadian Mother Got Hit By A Toronto Bus Driver With Her Baby In The Car And Then Got Into An Intense Confrontation (VIDEO)

This incident took place in Toronto.
This Canadian Mother Got Hit By A Toronto Bus Driver With Her Baby In The Car And Then Got Into An Intense Confrontation (VIDEO)

On October 7th, a video was posted on YouTube that has since gone viral on Reddit. The video shows a car crash between a TTC driver and a Toronto woman and it's not for the faint of heart. 

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A woman and bus driver got into a car accident and the car that was hit also had a baby on board. After she was rear-ended by the giant bus, the two drivers got into a verbal confrontation. Since the video has gone viral on Reddit, many Canadians have put in their two cents on who is to blame. One thing is for sure, the video is really intense and viewers have mixed feelings about it. 

Via toronto street slayers | Youtube

The whole incident started when a car merged in front of a TTC bus that had a sign saying it was not in service. The driver of the car claimed in the description of the video that she had merged safely. This merge sparked non-stop honking from the bus driver behind her, and according to the video description, the intense honking did not stop for almost four sets of lights. 

Next thing you know, the bus has rear-ended the car and the phone that the passenger was using to film the incident has fallen out of the car. 

After she got rear-ended, a woman got out of the car and confronted the bus driver. In the video, you can hear the woman yelling, "Are you stupid, I have a baby in the car". She also said to the bus driver, "you've been on your ass the whole time, are you kidding".

Via Youtube

The woman explains in her Youtube video description that their car braked because there was a red light coming up. Typically in car accidents, the driver behind is at fault, but it cannot be said that is conclusive in this situation since there is not enough context from the video. 

The passenger sitting beside the driver documented the whole incident and the driver has since posted it on Youtube with the title "Ttc road rage accedent with baby clearly in the car". You can check out the whole video below. 

The video eventually made its way onto a Reddit Toronto thread titled "TTC driver blasting horn and rearends car (allegedly)", and it has some people divided on whose fault it was. Some Redditors agree that it was both of their faults, but others argue that more context is also needed to establish blame.

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Reddit user ARAR1 commented,"Entire context is not shown or described. Not sure who's side I am on". It was one of the top comments and got 44 points. But on the other hand, many people were more sure of who they sided with–in which the answer was neither of the drivers. 

The top comment was from Reddit user primetimeTo, with 61 points, was from rabbitholereddit, who said, "Did the car just brake check the moronic bus driver, consequently rear ending the car, with a baby on-board". Another responded to this comment saying, "they both idiots, How can you brake check a bus with your baby on board and the operator is an idiot for tailgating and honking". There were many more comments in which they blamed both of the drivers for the situation. 

While it appears the verdict for who is at fault is not decided yet and there for sure isn't enough information from the one minute video, one thing is for sure and it's that this driving situation was very dangerous so you can learn from their mistakes. Stay safe out there on the roads in Ontario.

*UPDATE as of October 10th 4:26 PM: The video has since been taken down from Youtube. But you can see the screenshots and read the description to get a sense of what happened in the video.