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This Canadian Town Has Been Compared To Hawkins, Indiana From 'Stranger Things'

A possible real-life portal to the Upside Down.
This Canadian Town Has Been Compared To Hawkins, Indiana From 'Stranger Things'

Hawkins, Indiana isn’t a real place, but if it were, it would be just like this suburban town in Canada.

Jamie Milton, a writer for NME, came out with a list of real-life places that are just like the spooky town from ‘Stranger Things.’ According to him, the town of Campbellville, Ontario, which is 45 minutes way from Toronto, bears notable similarities to Hawkins. He gives particular mention to the town’s Stonehaven Farm, which offers a similar vibe to Stranger Things season 2:

“What does it have? A gloomy pumpkin patch worthy of paranormal activity,” Milton writes. “Whatever you do, don’t pull giant, pesticide-free squashes from their roots in an attempt to find weird, black slime. The people of Stonehaven Farm wouldn’t be best pleased.”

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Campbellville has the exact small town atmosphere that Hawkins has become so well known for. It has a noticeably slower pace of life with its local farms, antique shops, and thick forests consisting of over 30 km of trails. 

While there are no portals to the Upside Down here, there are other locations that will transport you to a seemingly different world, including the oasis-like Glen Eden Conservation area and the breathtaking Mount Nemo vantage. 

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Aside from Campbellville, Ontario has several other towns which could have made the list — take Bowmanville, for example, which is home to Camp 30, a POW camp. The ghostly ruins, which have now been closed off to the public, is said to be brimming with paranormal activity. It feels very much like the Hawkins National Labratory in the show.

Other places that made the list include:

  • Montauk, New York (Hawkins National Laboratory)
  • Tahoma, Washington (Dorky’s Barcade)
  • Morgon-Monroe State Forest, Indiana
  • Outskirts of Ohio (A random abandoned train wreck)

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