Deny it all you want, but traditional dating is just not as realistic today as it once was. We live in modern times, and finding the 'one' is less and less about that fairy tale ending (damn you Disney!), and more about a working partnership. Now don't get me twisted, not knocking all the true love stories out there, but let's just say that for some, a more lucrative arrangement is the goal.

Otherwise known as "Sugar Dating", more and more people are turning to these mutually beneficial relationships to give them the things they want here and now, without all the complications of long-term devotion.

For wealthy sugar daddies, where time is the most valuable commodity, a beautiful girl's company and the ability to help her along in life, perfectly complements their busy lifestyles.

Sugar babies, eager to live luxuriously sooner rather than later, can define their terms and get exactly what they want, when they want it, without the drama. It’s the perfect arrangement, really.

One Canadian dating website is specializing in connecting gorgeous, smart and ambitious sugar babies with the successful, serious and attractive sugar daddies they seek.

Created by a couple who actually met on a sugar-dating website themselves, Houpps embraces the sugar-daddy/sugar-baby relationship, making it safer and more accessible to the modern-day woman than ever before.

With a modern look, the highest quality of members, and a strict no-bullshit policy, Houpps is designed with the real needs and desires of the sugar-dating community in mind.

So whether you are in need of a little financial support to help pay for the finer things in life, or you're looking for a new friend to share your success with and spoil rotten, Houpps puts Toronto's top millionaires and sexiest sugar babies all in one place for you to choose from, no strings attached.

Only the good life, and there ain't nothing wrong with that!

Houpps is free to join, so check out the website to learn more and get you some of that candy.