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This Castle Tour Less Than An Hour Away From Toronto Will Give You All The Royal Feels

It's no secret that most people love the idea of a real life fairytale. Being swept up by a handsome prince and taken away to live in the castle dreams are made of is literally what a lot of little girls grew up believing would eventually happen. 

The fairytale isn't entirely based on reality, but you don't need a prince to make you feel like royalty! This castle tour in Hamilton will do the trick. 

Via Maya Maceka

Dundurn National Historic site is home to a 40-room Italianate-style villa built in the 1840's and it offers tours all summer. The Dundurn Castle is stacked with beauty. The front entrance way leads to a hall that is decked out with hand-painted faux marble walls and a huge winding walnut staircase. The further you go into the tour, the more impressive the architecture becomes. 

The house was separated into two parts. The basement was where the servants would stay, and the top was where Sir Allan McNab would show off his affluence and status to visitors. During the tour, you can see how both sides lived. 

Via Maya Maceka

Not only will you get a taste of how true Canadian royalty lived, you'll get to learn the history behind the castle and why it's now a historic site. It's also available to rent out for private parties, weddings, and offers historic cooking workshops. 

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It's only $11.50 to tour the whole grounds, including Dundurn Castle, the Kitchen Garden and the Hamilton Military Museum. Tours are open from June until September and it is located at 610 York Blvd. in Hamilton. 

Check out the website for more info. 

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