Although the weather outside is trying to trick us into believing that summer isn't over yet, we're all smart enough to know that fall is right around the corner. In a couple week's time the leaves will start changing colour, the air will get all crisp and fresh and we'll be getting cozy in our sweaters and scarves! 

All of these things and more make fall the most magical season of the year which we get so excited every time it comes around. There's a million different ways you can embrace the fall season this year but the best one is by taking a road trip! 

If you drive a short distance from Toronto you'll find the most adorable cider mill you've ever season that is perfect for one of your fall weekend road trips.

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If you hop over the border to Buffalo, New York you'll find the Mayer Brother's Cider Mill that is definitely worth the trip. It may seem like a lot of work to get there but it's only a 2 hour drive to get there! This cider mill is famous in the area for their unreal apple cider drinks, donuts and cookies! 

They make super delicious treats that you can't find anywhere else like their apple cider slushies, apple donuts, apple cider jugs and soooo much more! Not only are the treats and drinks unreal, the storefront is so cute and perfect for a fall photo op. 

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Eating and drinking amazing apple flavoured treats isn't the only thing you can enjoy while you're here; they also have a pumpkin patch and free horse-drawn hayrides! 

After you've thoroughly enjoyed all the fall-themed activties you can grab a big box of donuts, a big jug of apple cider and probably a second round of apple cider slushies before hitting the road! 

The Mayer Brother's Cider Mill officially opened for the season at the beginning of August so you can head over there any time until the end of November.

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Check out their website for more information!