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This Chinese Restaurant In Toronto Is So Good People Are Literally Lining Up Around The Block For It

Everyone knows about the Japanese ramen craze, but what about authentic Chinese hand pulled noodles? We know there's alot of this cuisine in Markham, but what about downtown TO? People are lining up down the BLOCK to dine at this quaint, Chinese noodle shop.

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At GB Hand-Pulled Noodles, you get to experience authenthic Chinese cuisine, as most of the chefs have lived in China for over twenty years. As soon as you walk in the door, you will immediately notice the head chef kneading, tossing, twisting, and flogging a giant piece of dough against his table. It's a very cool experience to watch as you enjoy your hot bowl of Lanzhou-style beef noodles. 

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You can choose between several noodle styles (thick, flat noodles or thin vermicelli, and everything in between) as well as spice level and small, large or MEGA bowls. They also offer traditional side dishes, like Chinese tea leaf eggs, kimchi and spicy cucumber. Here are some of their dishes off the menu: 

  • Special lanzhou noodles (beef or vegetarian, with 7 noodle styles to choose from)
  • Soup noodles with homemade pork sauce 
  • Lanzhou Beef 
  • Jelly fish in sesame oil 

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This noodle shop does not take reservations, and their lineup can be usually be seen trailing down Bay Street. They are located at 66 Edward St., and you can call beforehand to check if their line is crazy. They are open Monday-Friday from 1030am-930pm, and weekends from 1130am-930pm. For more info, check out their Facebook page.

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