This Churro Bar In Toronto Serves Up The Most Delicious Looking Churro Sundaes

Our two favourite desserts mixed together!
This Churro Bar In Toronto Serves Up The Most Delicious Looking Churro Sundaes

Churros are probably the most underrated dessert out there. There aren't many spots in the city that serve super delicious churro treats but this one does it bigger and better than the others. 

El Habanero & Churrobar is an authentic Cuban restaurant that specializes in gourmet churros with all kinds of unique toppings! Now they've added a new item to their menu that's is blowing people's minds: their churro sundaes! 

El Habanero & Churrbar is located at 4915 Steeles Ave E in Scarborough. They offer a few different kinds of churro sundaes like their Milk n' Cookies sundae topped with a huge cookie, cookie dough bites and a crunchy churro, their S'mores sundae topped with marshmallow and graham crackers, their Galaxy sundae topped with blue and pink candies, their Brownie sundaes and so much more! 

This newest menu item mixes two amazing sweets: churros and ice cream! They add all the best toppings and make it one seriously killer dessert.

Sundaes aren't the only amazing dessert they make with churros, they also serve churros the classic way with delicious toppings. You can get your churros topped with rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sauce, berry sprinkles and cookies and cream toppings! 

You can buy a single yummy churro, or 3, 6 or 12 at a time! These treats are clearly something you need to add to your bucket list of dessert spots this spring.

Check out their website for more information.