If you've ever wanted to experience TIFF like a true celebrity, make sure to head to Toronto's Ritz-Carlton Hotel for a one-of-a-kind Velvet Rope Experience that's unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

This festival season, The Ritz-Carlton is giving Torontonians the chance to see what it's like to live like the rich and famous, especially during a luxurious event like TIFF.

The hotel's signature event of for TIFF is its Velvet Rope Experience, which welcomes the public to taste, feel, and experience some of the most luxurious items imaginable. But it's definitely going to cost you.

For $1000, you can watch bartenders skillfully create and build two star-worthy cocktails right in front of you. But don't worry, for dropping a grand, you'll be experiencing some of the most expensive liquor and nibbles money can buy.

The TIFF cocktail will feature a combination of Louis XIII cognac, Cristal Champagne, along with a few other secret ingredients that will enliven your senses like you’ve never experienced before.

The cocktail is completed with the perfect food pairing, which is half a dozen of the finest east coast oysters Canada has to offer, topped with the world’s only wild and sustainable caviar - making this the most expensive and beautiful combination of food and booze you’ll ever experience. 

For those interested in experiencing the hotel's signature item, the Velvet Rope Experience will be available at either Ritz Bar or DEQ Lounge from September 7 to 17.