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This Colourful Diner-Style Ice Cream Parlour Serves Up Some Of The Best Cones In Toronto

It will make all your ice cream dreams come true!
This Colourful Diner-Style Ice Cream Parlour Serves Up Some Of The Best Cones In Toronto

The beginning of spring and summer marks the beginning of a long, delicious ice cream season. We all know how important ice cream is during these warm months of summer. 

Ice cream is one of those desserts that we loved as a child but it never got as we grew up! There's an ice cream shop here in Toronto that will bring out your inner child because it's a diner-style shop covered in pastels, serving up amazing ice cream. 

The Big Chill is an iconic ice cream shop in the city because the interior of the space is literally the coolest thing ever and their ice cream creations are out of this world!

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The Big Chill is located at 367 Manning Ave. in Toronto's Little Italy area. This old-fashioned ice cream parlour is completely retro and decorated head to toe in pastel colours, checkered floors and marble countertops! 

They've been in business for over a decade now which shows how much people love this place. They offer a selection of over 30 different ice cream flavours, over 20 different toppings and an endless amount of possibilities.

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Classic ice cream cones are always on the menu here but it's their other unique ice cream creations which draw in the crowds. Some of them include their ice cream topped waffles, their ice cream topped donuts, their massive banana splits, creamy milkshakes, ice cream stuffed crepes and so much more!

If you're craving ice cream today or any day this summer you definitely need to head over to The Big Chill to make all you ice cream dreams come true! They also rent out their space for parties and are a popular spot for retro-style photo shoots.

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Check out their website for more information. 

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