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This Company In Toronto Will Deliver Any Junk Food You Crave To Your Door Instantly

They'll be at your door in 35 minutes or less!

We all know those nights where we're sitting at home watching a movie or our favourite TV series and we're craving some type of junk food. Maybe it's a Kit Kat, a bag of Miss Vicky's Salt n' Vinegar chips, or a tub of Ben n' Jerry's ice cream. 

Whatever it is, we know we want it but we're too lazy to get up and walk to the store to get it. This is always such a struggle because we know we don't really need it but we know if we don't go out and get it for ourselves we won't be able to stop thinking about it all night long.

But all that is completely over with this new service that's available in Toronto! Fryday Box offers super fast delivery of all your favourite junk food snacks right to your doorstep! 

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How Fryday Box works is you create an account on their website or through their app, you choose what you're craving through their categories and you'll receive text messages as the order is delivered to your house in 35 minutes or less! 

This almost sounds too good to be true but it definitely isn't. Some of the categories they have on their website are: Chips, Popcorn & Dips, Chocolates & Candies, Cookies & Desserts, Ice Cream, Drinks, Food, Home Essentials and more! 

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You can honestly order a pizza, a bottle of Nutella, a pack of Skittles, a Haagan Daaz bar AND Q-tips all in one order if you feel like it! They're open every day of the year from 3pm-4am but 24/7 on Uber Eats and Doordash. 

Since they're a new company their delivery zone is pretty small right now, only hitting the west side of Toronto in areas like Parkdale, Roncesvalles, The Annex, St. Clair West Village, The Junction and a few more. They're planning on expanding to the entire Toronto area and GTA soon though! 

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This company is clearly genius and if you're in the lucky areas they deliver to it's up to you to make this service super popular so it can get to the rest of us ASAP! Check out their website to order and to look through their selection.