If eating a salad for dinner sounds like your worst nightmare, you need to check out The Black Hoof. This Dundas West hotspot has made a name for itself as one of Toronto's top spots for grabbing charcuterie. 

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On top of the classic charcuterie board, the Black Hoof offers a ton of inventive dishes, most of which involve around meat. 

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The menu is known to change regularly, meaning you can have a different experience every time you go! Some of the more unique dishes on the menu at the moment include Bone Marrow and a Pork Liver Eclair. 

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During the summer months, this carnivore's paradise has a cozy wooden patio for you to relax on. Make sure to grab one of their refreshing Marcona Sling cocktails, made with havana 3, manzanilla, orgeat, lemon, tonic and mint, to compliment your meal.

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The Black Hoof is located at 928 Dundas Street W.

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