Explore the Toronto Islands at like in a scary adventure unlike no other! This special halloween boat ride known as the Spooky Lagoon will set the mood for moments so chilling you won't likely forget it.

The Gibraltar Point lighthouse is not only the oldest lighthouse to exist on the Great Lakes, it is also one of Toronto's oldest buildings. And with old, of course comes a lot of history.

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The Spooky Lagoon boat ride takes you to the lighthouse, which rumoured to be haunted by the lighthouse keeper J.P Rademuller. The lore has it, that Rademuller was killed by two soldiers whom he caught stealing his homemade brew. 

The grisly tale goes eve further that the soldiers hid his body by dismembering him and scattering the body parts around the island. Rumour is that he still haunts the lighthouse to this day!

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The Spooky Lagoon boat ride runs everyday except for Wednesdays until the end of October. Boats arrive every 10 minutes starting at 7:40pm until 10:40pm, so you've got many opportunities to hop on this frightening boat ride.

Tickets are priced at $25 per person and meet-ups prior to docking are at 99 Harbour Sq. Attendees will also be treated to a bone chilling tour of the lighthouse itself, all whilst the story is told through an eerie narration.

Looking to be scared this Halloweekend? Then call up the rest of your ghost busting gang and hop aboard the Spooky Lagoon! More information on ride times, location and tickets can be found on their website.