A few weeks ago, shomi sent our office on a frenzy looking for money  via the super fun Mr. Robot Instagram. They hid thousands of dollars all over Toronto and now are doing it AGAIN for their new exclusive series Mad Dogs.

via @acatjustwalkedin

So how do you find some cash for yourself? The show’s eerie feline has been spotted hiding Euros around Toronto and this Instagram account has all the clues:@ACatJustWalkedIn. From the looks of these posts, the cat’s been scoping out stash spots for a while now...

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To get in on some of those sweet Euros, (which in case you didn't know are worth quite a bit more than the CAN dollar) follow the @ACatJustWalkedIn Insta and check out #ACatJustWalkedInYYZ before the cash is gone!

Exclusively on shomi, Mad Dogs features a mysterious cat, a powerful drug lord and a whole lotta Euros, and needs to be binge watched to be believed.

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