Arguably the best way to see the beauty and wonder of Ontario is by train. Across the province, there are several railway companies that offer award-winning sightseeing tours for leisurely travellers. One of them has even been dubbed Southern Ontario's most scenic train tour, and it's definitely worth checking out.

The Credit Valley Explorer is an all-season premiere tour train that runs through the Credit Valley and Hills of Headwaters in the heart of Ontario's Greenbelt. The train passes by some of the province's most stunning geographical formations, from rolling hills and deep valleys to surging rivers and colourful forests.

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The train takes on a route from Brampton to Orangeville, with multiple stops along the way. Most tours make a rest stop at Inglewood, which is at around the halfway point of the journey. Passengers are treated to first-class seating, high quality service from onboard staff, fulfilling meals and a comfortable climate-controlled environment.

Highlights of the trip include a 1,146-foot-long railway bridge that crosses over the Credit river as well as the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. Each tour is also ccompanied by informative commentary and a mile-by-mile printed tour guide to ensure no sights are overlooked. 

Tickets sell out quick, so make sure to book now! Visit the Credit Valley Explorer's official website.

UPDATE: A few spots still remain for a sightseeing tour on October 21, 2017. Click this link to book tickets and find out more!