We’ve all watched a zombie apocalypse movie or an episode of The Walking Dead and seen the characters grazing out of the downtown core of a city to escape the end of the world. 

Now while that’s all fiction, someone in Toronto recently took a photo of a normally incredibly busy section of the city downtown. 

Except in the photo it isn’t busy at all. No cars on the highway, and no one walking about. 

The photo is of the Gardiner Expressway down by the Rogers Centre. According to the Reddit post for the picture the photo was taken at 10 AM. 

The people you can see are all on bikes going the same direction on the highway out of town, as if cars no longer work and everyone has decided that they need to get out of the city immediately to avoid some sort of massive disaster.   

People on reddit are pretty impressed with the photo and agree it looks like some kind of disaster scenario for the city.


Now of course the city didn’t face some sort of massive end of the world apocalypse scenario this weekend. 

The Gardiner was simply closed for people to do the Ride for Heart in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. 

But what with the lack of people and the cloudy day gives the whole photo a strong sense that this is exactly what the city might look like in some sort of post-apocalyptic world. 

You can see the photo originally posted on Reddit below. 

Woke up to an eerily quiet city today. (Pic taken at 10AM)