Tucked away in the thick of an Ontarian forest is an enchanted kingdom that will bring your childhood fantasies to life.

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Castle Village is a fairytale-themed park located in the outskirts of Midland, Ontario. The castle was built by a man named Paul Des Roches in 1972, who initially used it as a space to sell his handmade crafts. Little by little, he added more buildings to the 52-acre lot, turning it into a village complete with a moat, towers, bridges and cottages.

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There are several things to do at the park. Perhaps the main attraction is the fantasy nature trail, which features recognizable locations from your favourite storybook tales.

During your walk, you will come across Hansel and Gretel’s candy house, Snow White’s wishing well, Merlin’s Tower, the houses of the Three Little Pigs, the cottage of Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother, and much more.

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You can also explore the castle, get a real-life archery lesson, and look at medieval artifacts. 

But perhaps the one thing you must try at the castle are its escape rooms.

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Choose from three themed games that will test your wit, patience and cunning:

  • The King’s Quest Dungeon: The story of a King with 3 wives. Only 1 queen should stand alone the rest must die. So the 3 wives join force together and planned to escape the Kings quest dungeon. Now, they only have 60 minutes to escape, otherwise two of them will be sentence to death.”
  • The Block Box: A captain of an airplane crashed and landed in rebels infested area, he was captured and exile in the dungeon. Therefore, the captain situation is only hoping to be rescued. Now, rebels demanded ransom money of $25,000,000 Millions within 60 minutes in exchange for his life.”
  • The Treasure Chest: Somewhere in Angola Africa where pirates attacked the rich village, and robbed the Treasure Chest that contains the whole wealth of the village. Now, the chieftain of the tribe together with his warriors came to bring back and recover the treasure chest. While inside the camp of the pirate perimeters they must escapee the treasure chest in 60 minutes.”

Each escape room costs $25 per person to play, and you’ll have 60 minutes to escape.

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For more information, visit CastleVillage.ca.