This Epic 1.3-km Forest Skating Trail In Ontario Opens Next Month

The perfect winter activity.
This Epic 1.3-km Forest Skating Trail In Ontario Opens Next Month

Muskoka is home to one of the most spectacular skating trails in Ontario, and it's definitely worth visiting this winter.

The Arrowhead Provincial Park skating trail is essentially a "fairytale skate through the Canadian Forest" and it is one of the top winter experiences around, according to Flight Network and Travel+Leisure. Stretching 1.3 kilometres through the thick of a snow-covered coniferous forest, the trail offers all the beautiful sights and sounds of the great Canadian wild that you just can't get at a community rink.

Throughout the winter season, special Fire & Ice nights are held at the trail, during which tiki torches are set up along its edge to illuminate the way as you skate in the dark of night. The event, which is usually held on Thursdays, is extremely popular, so make sure to get there early if you plan to go.

Some important things to note about the trail:

  • Saturdays are the busiest - wait times can get as long as 30 minutes, and sometimes it gets so crowded that cars will have to be turned away. To increase your chances of getting a parking spot on Saturdays, make sure to get there as early as possible.
  • Sundays and weekends are the best time to go - the trail is typically not as crowded during these periods, so you'll get the most out of your skating experience
  • Overnight accommodations are available - in the event that the trail is far from where you reside, you can always opt to stay at a nearby inn or B&B. Click here to see a list of accommodations nearby.

This year, Arrowhead Provincial Park skating trail is expected to open on December 20, 2017, but availability will depend completely on the weather conditions. To stay updated with the latest news on the trail's status, visit

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