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This Epic 1.4-km Racetrack In Canada Is Like Mario Kart In Real Life

A thrilling race down a mountain.
This Epic 1.4-km Racetrack In Canada Is Like Mario Kart In Real Life

One of the greatest relics of our childhoods is the legendary game of Mario Kart. Flying bananas, spontaneous lighting strikes and spiked turtle shells were all responsible for ruined friendships. In Canada there's a place where you can live out your Mario Kart fantasies, and while it doesn't offer the same quirks and power-ups as the game does, it's still pretty damn close to a real version of it.

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The Skyline Luge is a 1.4-km racetrack that descends along the edge of the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec, Canada. Fuelled by gravity, riders are pulled down the track in streamlined luges that they have full control over. Races can get quite competitive at times, with riders sometimes even bashing into each other to get ahead.

The luge controls are relatively simple - pushing forward on the handle makes it roll faster, while pulling back applies the brakes. Maneuvering the track involves the right execution of the controls, as there are several challenging twists and turns along the way.

Luge rides range from $16 for a single run and $32 for five runs. A current group deal, however, includes a 12-run session for only $82. For more information, visit the Mont Tremblant website.

Calgary also has a Skyline Luge track! Check it out here.

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