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This Epic 158-km Trail Lets You Explore The 1000 Islands Entirely On Your Bike

Traverse the St. Lawrence River on two wheels.
This Epic 158-km Trail Lets You Explore The 1000 Islands Entirely On Your Bike

Bike rides are more than just for exercise - they're also a cool way to explore the lands and experience the beauty of the great outdoors. Ontario has a plethora of trails that are perfect for a biking adventure, but there's one in particular the stands out due to the scenic lendings of the Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence River.

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Ontario By Bike is an organization that sets up biking tours across the province. This year, they have set up a three-day weekend excursion (from August 5 to 7, 2017) on a 158-km waterfront trail-and-road path that starts from Gananoque and travels all the way east to Cornwall. Along the way, cyclists will be able to take in the beautiful sights that the St. Lawrence River has to offer, including gentle rolling hills, gorgeous villages and of course, the Thousand Islands.

The itinerary for the ride is as follows:

The first day will be spent riding the 55-km stretch from Gananoque to Brockville using off-road paths and the paved 1000 Island Parkway Recreational Bike Path. The latter path runs adjacent to the St. Lawrence River, offering a scenic backdrop as you pedal. Island views, picnic areas and cozy villages like Rockport are places you could choose to stop at along the way. In Brockville, bicycle friendly patios, cool railway tunnels, an Aquatarium, local shops and cheap hotels are all available.

The second day will be spent riding the 55-km stretch from Brockville to Morrisburg using paved roadway, shoulders and paths. This route offers picturesque views of the rural countryside, from gorgeous farmlands to gently rolling plains. Historical sites are also stationed along the way and are potential points of interest to visit. In Morrisburg, the bicycle-friendly McIntosh Country Inn makes for a perfect place to end the night.

The third day will be spent riding the 48-km stretch from Morrisburg to Cornwall. The Crysler Farm Battlefield Park, Upper Canada Village, Migratory Bird Sanctuary and Lost Villages Museum are just a few of the noteworthy sites that you could choose to stop at and explore. At the eastern end of the route, cyclists will ride the Long Sault Parkway, which offers beautiful views of islands in the St. Lawrence River. At Cornwall, a bus ride will take everyone back to Gananoque to conclude the trip.

Due to its immense popularity, the event has already sold out; however, anyone can ride the trail (and even follow the exact itinerary planned out for the event on their own time). The one thing participants would need to organize a van support for their luggages!

For more information, visit the Ontario By Bike website.

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