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This Map Will Take You To All The Best Bubble Tea Spots In Toronto

Bubble tea is a huge thing over seas in Asian countries and it's starting become a huge thing here as well. There's tons of new bubble tea shops opening up in Toronto and they're always a huge success because, let's face it, bubble tea is amazing. 

The best part about bubble tea spots is that no two are the same, literally. Each one has something different and unique to offer taking the delicious, classic bubble tea and putting their own twist on it. 

If you're looking to expand your bubble tea horizons this summer, use this epic map as a bucket list of all the best bubble tea shops this city has to offer! 

The Alley

Where: 5 St Joseph St // Church & Wellesley

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This spot is probably the first one in Toronto that proved to everyone that bubble tea is literally the best. They make insanely creative drinks, tapioca from scratch, innovative flavours and so much more. You can't go wrong with bubble tea from The Alley.


Labothery Inc 

Where: 717 Bay St // Downtown Toronto

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This brand-new bubble tea shop just opened up in the city about 2 months ago and it's already a huge hit. They have a lab-themed concept where you can completely make your own bubble tea! Each tea is completely personalized from your tea flavour to your sweetness level to your choice of tapioca and beyond!



Where: 491 Dundas St W // Chinatown

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Royaltea is all about presenting their bubble teas in the most unique ways possible. You can get your bubble tea served in a lightbulb, a bear shaped bottle, and in classic to-go cups. They also serve bubble waffle ice cream cones!


Happy Lemon 

Where: 611 Yonge St // Church & Wellesley

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This shop is all about cute packaging and an upbeat atmosphere that will leave you happy and full of delicious bubble tea. They have multiple locations across Toronto so you know you're going to get some seriously awesome teas.



Where: 615 Bloor St W // The Annex

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This Taiwanese cafe serves up some awesome things that you're going to love. They serve amazing bubble tea that everyone loves and is truly authentic. They also serve wheel cake desserts in a bunch of different flavours that are perfect to add in something sweet.


Icha Tea

Where: 235 Spadina Ave // Chinatown

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Icha Tea specializes in authentic Chinese teas and probably does it the best in Toronto. They have a quick grab-and-go front area of the store where you can get your boba teas and choose your sweetness level in each one!


CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice 

Where: 372 Yonge St // Downtown Toronto

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This customizable bubble tea shop has multiple locations across Toronto so you know it's going to be good. They're known for their consistently delicious teas in all kinds of yummy flavours!


One Ten Cafe

Where: 110 Finch Ave W // North York

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This spot is known for their matcha tea latte topped with bits of macarons which is amazing. Their space is adorable and perfect for Instagram photos plus they also make all kinds of amazing bubble teas! They make all their drinks without any artificial additives and all-natural ingredients!


Cup O House 

Where: 682 Bloor St W // Koreatown

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This cute cafe in Koreatown specializes in milk teas and frosted milk drinks. They offer dozens of different flavours and options such as their mango milk green tea, frosted milk drink with caramel, jelly and honey boba and so much more!


Boba Boy

Where: 357 Bremner Blvd // Entertainment District

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Boba Boy actually has multiple locations in Toronto as well as locations in British Columbia! They serve unreal bubble tea that's super delicious every time plus they also serve them in cute to-go bottles so you can save half for later if you want!


Latea Era Tea Room

Where: 3300 Midland Ave // Scarborough

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This super popular bubble tea chain comes to Toronto all the way from China. It's the first overseas location for the chain and it's already super popular, for good reason. It's known for it's "crown topping" which is basically a cheesy salted foam that sits on top of the drink that they can add toppings to like Oreos!


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