Getaways and lookouts for the best fall colours are endless in Ontario. Beautiful fall foliage is spread all across the province where visitors can engage with the beautiful, crisp-smelling season of fall. From scenic train rides around the landscape to some of the most extraordinary lookouts in Ontario, leaf peeping is merely a fraction of the getaway's intrigue. 

At these gorgeous foliage lookouts in Ontario, you can spend your time soaking up the natural beauty and landscape while enjoying good food, wine, and company. These destinations are in my opinion some of the best views of Ontario because of its impressive vantage lookout points, allowing visitors to really take in the beauty of the seasonal change. It is truly a satisfying payoff when you're standing at the top of a forest, looking out into nature. At these vantage points, you'll be able to take in all the best fall colours this 2018 season has to offer.

Here are my top picks for the top foliage lookouts for fall colours in Ontario:

Albion Hills Conservation Area 

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Albion Hill Conservation Area is a beautiful spot to see the fall colours this season. Located in Caledon, Ontario it's a popular spot for leaf peepers all around the province to visit during this time of year because it's known for its stunning array of fall foliage.

The Albion Hills Conservation Area is home to tons of mountain biking trails, picnic tables to grab a bite to eat at, camping locations, and even a swimming pool! It's the perfect spot for a fun fall adventure when you want to get outside and experience the true beauty that surrounds you.

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Altona Forest

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Located at the City of Pickering just east of Toronto, the Altona Forest is approximately 102 acres of beautiful, lush forest. It was designated as an environmentally significant area due to its ecological and historical importance-- which obviously makes this natural landscape a wonder to the eyes. The Altona Forest is an extremely special destination given its location within an urban center.

This beautiful forest lights up the entire area with its striking foliage and also provides essential habitats for a large number of plants and animals like foxes, hawks, coyotes, songbirds and various amphibians. It's no wonder this forest is so lush-- they have so many organisms contributing to its beauty.

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Rouge National Urban Park 

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Rouge Park has so many different trails (9 to be exact) but three of them are especially my favourite, as it leads you to the best views of fall foliage within the area.

The first is the Glen Eagles Vista Trail which has outstanding scenery all year. This trail provides brilliant views of the Rouge River and Little Rouge Creek. This is an easy trail with amazing geology-- you can see distinct bluffs and ancient, story-telling rock layers that overlook the Rouge River.

My second favourite trail at Rouge Park is the Vista Trail. The Vista Trail’s two-level viewing platform is one of the best places to view Toronto’s fall foliage. The trail features a gorgeous two level viewing deck built in collab with Ontario Power Generation, near the Parks Canada Welcome Area. The lookout provides beautiful nature views of Little Rouge Creek and Rouge River Valley throughout the year. At the platform, you can also see Beare Hill (one of the highest points of land in Toronto) and amazing tree diversity! I would see the tree diversity at Rouge is pretty prominent and utterly beautiful.

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Scarborough Bluffs 

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The Bluffs are one of the more obvious lookout points in Ontario, but no matter how often this park is visited, visitor count does not take away from its natural beauty (especially during autumn months). The beautiful surroundings really make you forget you're in the city. The Bluffs are beautiful no matter what time of the year, but I really believe something special happens here when nature changes its colours.

One of my favourite things to do at Scarborough Bluffs in prime leaf season is shuffling my boots through their heaping amounts of crunchy leaves. I love the Bluffs because it offers you great views looking from the inside, as well as an extra special forestry experience during off-trail hikes. You can head to Bluffer's Beach or hike their trails at the top of the cliff.

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Algonquin Park

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Algonquin Park is arguably at the apex of autumn foliage tourism in Ontario-- and for good reason. Thanks to its abundance of beautiful Sugar Maples, the leaves turn early here and get extremely colourful (there's also a second burst of vibrant colour at Algonquin Park, when all the Birch trees change). You can plan a portage trip, rent a ranger cabin or even go car camping at this beautiful destination.

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Collingwood, Ontario 

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It's quite tough to beat the scenic Blue Mountain area when it comes to admiring fall colours. From Blue Mountain's suspension bridge at Scenic Caves to the mountain bike lift at their gorgeous resort, there are several lookout points where you can take it all in. The Scandinave Spa is also at its finest when the air is crisp but not yet cold! Pampering, anyone?

If you're more of the adrenaline junkie or adventurous type and don't want to sit around a beautiful spa, try out the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster. This awesome roller coaster ride lets you actually control the ride, so you can feel at ease. It is supposed to glide along a one-kilometre rollercoaster track while simultaneously offering visitors a gorgeous view of the Blue Mountain terrain. Just imagine the views you'll discover when you're at the high points! It's an equipment-free ride which means that it's hassle-free, too. This is also an activity option in the beautiful Collingwood region where you can strategically take in all the fall foliage.

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Muskoka, Ontario 

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Situated among picturesque wavy hills and heavily populated with vibrant Sugar Maples is Ontario's Deerhurst Resort, the perfect getaway hotspot to soak up fall colours (with plenty of luxury pampering). At Deerhurst Resort, you can choose one of their many entertainment options, from golf to horseback rides to treetop treks.

If you really want to soak up the fall foliage, I'd suggest booking a treetop trek excursion where you can actually be among the trees. During this activity, you're pretty much one with the trees. You're surrounded by yellow, orange and red and it's almost inexplicable how utterly beautiful the view is when visitors get on top of a tree.

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Thousand Islands

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There are few places in Ontario that can match the sheer beauty of the Thousand Islands, plainly for the majesty of its fall foliage colours. The bright orange and red leaves that blow up amidst the contrast of the dark blue waters.

The St. Lawrence River is a refreshing view to see after leaf sightseeing. It's the best of both worlds. If you rent a cottage in the area, make sure to make a stop at the 1000 Islands Tower to get a bird's eye view of the whole area! The view at the top of that tower really takes it home.

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Tobermory, Ontario

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The entire Bruce Peninsula is absolutely lovely during the fall, especially with the sharp contrast of bright leaves to the nearby blue bay waters. Grieg's Caves is a popular hotspot gem during this season, so if you decide to drive here, make sure you portion out some time to make a detour to the Lion's Head. Tobermory might be one of my favourite destinations to head to during the fall season.

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Agawa Canyon

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Scenic train rides are probably one of the best parts of fall. Luckily, this beautiful train ride isn't too far from Toronto and the Agawa Canyon Train Tour features some of the most beautiful fall foliage in Ontario. The scenery here is like something straight out of a film. It's time to book your ticket!

This train ride is a one-day train rail adventure that takes you deep into the heart of Canadian nature and wilderness. It's also one of the most popular train rides in North America because of this excursion near Sault Ste. Marie takes visitors through the beautiful northern lakes and rivers, where you will notice amazing rock formations and Canadian Shield mixed forests.

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Niagara Region

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Both the Niagara Region and Prince Edward County are absolutely breathtaking fall destinations. The air is crisp and the landscapes are beautifully golden. One of the best parts are the wineries that are always buzzing with interesting action! Beamsville is one of my favourite spots in this area because it is particularly beautiful with their wavy and hilly landscapes as well as rural charm.

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You're bound to find the perfect vantage point for some of the most pristine fall foliage lookouts in Ontario within this list, especially with Canadian leaves being exceptionally colourful this year. You won't want to miss it!