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This Epic Map Will Take You To All The Best Ice Cream Spots In Toronto

The ultimate ice cream bucket list!
This Epic Map Will Take You To All The Best Ice Cream Spots In Toronto

Spring has officially sprung in the city; that's clear from the hundreds of photos of the High Park Cherry Blossoms you'll be seeing on your Instagram feed all week. With the arrival of spring comes the exciting thought that summer is just around the corner! 

Summer is one of the best times to be living in the city of Toronto. All the waterfront and beach areas are buzzing with activity, people are enjoying picnics in the park, and patios are filled to the brim every night. Everyone is happier in the summer, that's just a fact! 

Another great thing about summer in the city is, of course, all the ice cream! There are sooo many amazing ice cream shops in Toronto, but don't worry, you have four months to try all of them. Use this epic map to make sure you hit all the best ones before summer ends! 

Dutch Dreams

Where: 36 Vaughn Road // Wychwood Park

Most of you already know Dutch Dreams because it's one of the craziest ice cream shops in the city. They serve up waffles cones like no other that are coated in chocolate, topped with all kinds of crazy delights like sprinkles and M&M's. Plus, they add amazing toppings to your scoops like cotton candy, strawberries and so much more!

Booyah Inc. 

Where: 16 Vaughn Road // Wychwood Park

If you're in the mood for an ice cream taco, this spot has got you covered. Booyah Inc. forms their waffle cones into the shape of tacos and then piles them high with ice cream scoops and all the toppings your heart desires!

Greg's Ice Cream

Where: 170 Spadina Ave // The Annex

If you're looking for a regular old ice cream (that's still BOMB!), Greg's is one of the best in town. They serve up over 100 different specialty flavours; this is homemade ice cream that will literally wow you! There's a reason they've been in business for 35 years now.

Eva's Original Chimneys 

Where: 454 Bloor St W // The Annex

As the very first chimney cake cream shop, Eva's Original Chimneys is where it's at this summer. A chimney cake is basically fried dough (like a donut) rolled up into a cone shape and doused with sugar and tons of goodies. Then they top it with ice cream and allll the toppings for a rich, refreshing treat.

The Big Chill 

Where: 367 Manning Ave // Little Italy

The Big Chill is an adorable diner-style retro ice cream shop that you definitely need to check out this summer. They serve up classic scoops of ice cream with delicious toppings, ice cream-topped donuts, and even ice cream-topped waffles!

iHalo Krunch

Where: 915 Queen St W // West Queen West

This Asian-inspired soft-serve joint is bound to be all over Instagram this summer again. They serve up black charcoal cones with black charcoal ice cream, purple ube ice cream, matcha ice cream, and more!

Death In Venice Gelato

Where: 536 Queen St W // Chinatown

This is definitely one of the best gelato shops in all of Toronto. Death In Venice makes some of the most unique gelato flavours you've ever heard of, and they're SO delicious! You can try flavours like popcorn salted caramel, beetroot rosewater cardamom, Mexican-spiced chocolate, Nutella cookies, and so much more.

Momofuku Milk Bar 

Where: 190 University Ave // Old Toronto

This spot earned its name in New York and moved here to Toronto to bless us with amazing ice cream all summer long. They make cereal-milk soft serve that is so creamy and delicious you'll never want to go back to regular ice cream again.

FUGO Desserts

Where: 205 Dundas Ave // Downtown Toronto

FUGO Desserts never fails us when it comes to sweet treats. Their ice cream is completely unique too, serving cones like the Cookie Monster cone, the toasted marshmallow s'mores cone, and the Hershey's and Oreo cone!

Ed's Real Scoop 

Where: 920 Queen St E // Leslieville

Ed's Real Scoop is one of best places in Toronto for homemade ice cream in incredible flavours. Their first location is located in The Beaches and the second one opened up in Leslieville. They make some insanely delicious flavours, both unique and classics that everyone loves.

Brett's Ice Cream 

Where: 1698 Queen St E // The Beach Triangle

Brett's Ice Cream is newer on the scene, but they're making serious waves. They make actual cake-batter cones in all kinds of cool colours! The space is also super adorable and perfect for photos.

Bang Bang Ice Cream 

Where: 93A Ossington Ave // Ossington

Bang Bang Ice Cream in Ossington is known for their insane ice cream sandwiches. They make super fresh and unique homemade flavours and then you choose your homemade cookie flavour(s) and voila! They also serve up amazing bubble-waffle cone ice creams as well.

All research done in this article is by the author. Restaurants never pay to be featured on Narcity's "Best Of" lists; furthermore, this list represents a showcase of great spots, and is not a numbered ranking.

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