I think we can all agree that sangria is the ultimate summer drink. Just imagine sitting a patio with your friends with the sun shining down, sipping a refreshing red or white sangria! 

The reason we all love sangria so much is because it's basically alcoholic juice. You pair a delicious red or white wine with a carbonated juice, add some brandy for good measure and then add some fruits for extra sweetness! Alcoholic drinks really don't get much better than that. 

Lucky for all of us there's tons of amazing spots you can find sangria in Toronto! So use this map as an ultimate sangria bucket list and start checking them off this summer. 

Sangria Lounge 

Where: 145 Roncessvalles Ave // Roncessvalles

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You can tell by the name of this spot that they serve some seriously good sangria. You must try this place this summer if you haven't already because they serve tons of different kinds of sangria for super cheap!



Where: 478 King St W // King West

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Patria is a classic Spanish restaurant that serves all the best eats like tapas and paella! If you're up for a fancier sangria outing this is definitely the spot. They offer 3 different kinds of sangria available by glass or jug!


Gusto 101 

Where: 101 Portland St // King West

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Gusto 101 is one of the best Italian restaurants in the city and they have 2 massive patios for sunny days! You can enjoy a big pizza or a bowl of delicious pasta paired with a glass of their yummy sangria. Their classic Gusto Sangria is served by the glass or the pitcher.


Bistro 422

Where: 422 College St // Harbord Village

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Bistro 422 is home to some of the cheapest alcoholic pitchers in the entire city! Every Wednesday they offer an unbeatable deal on their sangria pitchers which is just $11 for a 60 oz pitcher of sangria!


Han Ba Tang

Where: 4862 Yonge St // North York

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Han Ba Tang is a Korean fusion restaurant and bar that has a super cool atmosphere perfect for your next night out. They have tons of cocktails on their menu but one of their signatures is their red and white sangria!


Pour Boy

Where: 583 College St // Little Italy

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Pour Boy has a few different locations across the city and is known for their insanely cheap drinks and food. You can choose from either red or white sangria and get an entire pint for just $6.75 or a 1.5 L pitcher for $18.75!


Playa Cabana 

Where: 111 Dupont St // Casa Loma

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Playa Cabana is a casual and fun spot that is perfect for summer drinks on the patio. They serve authentic Mexican fare that is so delicious and specialize in fresh cocktails. They make a delicious sangria in a bunch of different flavours as well!


7 Numbers 

Where: 307 Danforth Ave // Greektown

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7 Numbers has a couple different locations across the city and serves Southern Italian Soul Food so basically Italian comfort food! They serve a special 7 Numbers red wine sangria by the glass or pitcher.


Bar Neon

Where: 1226 Bloor St W // Bloordale Village

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Bar Neon is a popular watering hole in the west end of the city because of their cool atmosphere and delicious drinks. They serve really good Greek food on their sunny patio that pairs perfectly with their fresh sangria!


The Red Room

Where: 1718 Jane St // Brookhaven

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The Red Room is a casual hangout spot that is perfect for when you want some really cheap drinks. You can sit on their big sunny patio and sip some red or white sangria on a sunny summer day!



Where: 434 College St // Little Italy

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Nirvana is a fun bar in the west end that serves up Asian-inspired foods, microbrews and they have a huge sunny patio! They have a special 'Sangria Sundays' where they offer pints for just $5.95 and pitchers for $16.75!