Ontario is a great destination for road trippers because there are so many beautiful places to visit. From vibrant cities to serene parks, there's no shortage of locations to explore in the province.

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Those who enjoy a good road trip should check out the Long Sault Parkway, which connects a series of eleven islands in the St. Lawrence River. I discovered this gem during a recent drive to the town of Ingleside, at the halfway point between Kingston and Montreal. The parkway features multiple causeways and bridges that link the islands together like "a necklace of green jewels."

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There are three unique campgrounds in the Long Sault Parkway — Mille Roches, Woodlands and McLaren. Together, they comprise over 600 campsites, each with access to biking paths, nature trails, public beaches, picnic areas, and boating spots.

You can choose to stay at one campground, or explore all three for an exhilarating adventure away from the city.

The islands were created during the construction of a seaway in the 1950s, which flooded the area and created high points of land along the parkway. Before the flooding, there used to be several villages used to exist in the area, but they are now submerged underwater and have since been called the Lost Villages.

This makes the various islands along the Long Sault Parkway great destinations for scuba exploration.

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Aside from the great parks, there are also several points of interest along the Parkway. You can visit the Lost Villages Museum, which features a collection of heritage buildings from before the flooding, the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary, which is a premier destination for birdwatching, and the historic town of Cornwall, which offers shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities.

RV driving along the Long Sault Parkway

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The end of the road

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Connection to McLaren Island

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Sunset drive on the road

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Butternut Trail on the islands

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One of the many beaches along the parkway

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Gorgeous aerial view

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For more information, visit StLawrenceParks.com.