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This Epic Waterfront Cider Festival Is Coming To Toronto This Summer

Toronto Cider Festival is coming back for their fifth year this summer.
This Epic Waterfront Cider Festival Is Coming To Toronto This Summer

Cider is the drink of choice for many Canadians once summer comes around. There's something about the crisp, sweet and tart quality of the apple that lends itself perfectly to be a refreshing alcoholic beverage.

Just a few short years ago, the options for cider were pretty slim. You either had to rely on imported ciders or mass-produced ciders that were overwhelmingly sweet to curb your cider cravings. Luckily for Canadians, our cider culture is thriving and the Toronto Cider Festival is the ultimate celebration for cider-lovers!

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The Toronto Cider Festival is coming this Summer for their 5th year of bringing a huge variety of cider to the thirsty public. In addition to cider, there will be live entertainment, a market, outdoor firepit and the waterfront gamezone. You won't want to miss out on this epic summer festival!

There are three different parties you can join in on at the Toronto Cider Festival. There's a Country Night on Friday where you can wear your jeans, plaid and best cowboy hat! There's a day-drinking party on Saturday followed by a night-time party. Your ticket gives you access to 4 tokens to redeem ciders, a reusable TOCIDERFEST mug, entries to contests and giveaways plus access to more than 100 ciders. 

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The Toronto Cider Festival is happening on Friday, August 23 and Saturday, August 24 at Sherbourne Common. You can get deals on tickets by taking advantage of early bird ticket pricing from as low as $42.35 right now. One token gets you one cider and you can buy extra tokens, 4 for $10!

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To find more information on the Toronto Cider Festival, you can visit their website.

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