Have you ever been interested in visiting Casa Blanca? There's no need to spend a grand on a plane ticket and travel across the world to Morocco because you can experience this beautiful culture and its' delicious food right here in Toronto at Sultan's Tent. As you walk through the door, the charming interior automatically makes you feel like you’re in Morocco.

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This French Moroccan restaurant, offers a 3-course meal or a la carte feast with an exotic belly dancing performance. The flavorful cuisine will transport you over to Morocco with just a bite of any item on the menu. I highly suggest to try one of their tagine dishes, that is made using a traditional clay pot cooking method popular in Moroccan cuisine.

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The creativity and playfulness is vividly present in the restaurant's interior design. The rich and elegant décor creates a comforting atmosphere with detailed textures, jewel tone fabrics, colourful cushions, traditional tea pots, plates and rugs that all give off the ultimate Morroccan vibe. Tables are set up under authentic tents and curtains hang off the walls.

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 Dinner is always better with a side of entertainment, somehow it has the ability to add flavour to your food. The Sultan's Tent puts on belly dancing performances as a means of entertainment for guests to enjoy during their meals. The dancers are dressed in traditional attire and are capable of moving their bodies in ways you didn't think were possible.

For a unique dinner in an exotic French-Moroccan atmosphere, I highly suggest you check out the Sultan's Tent. The rich traditional influences of Moroccan art, customs and food are vividly present within this restaurant - all contributing factors that will leave you with an unforgettable experience.