Sometimes you just want some pasta: Simple, filling, and just plain delicious. 

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And while obviously there are times where you want the whole shebang of a fancy place, with uniform-clad waiters and prices that will hurt to look at, but sometimes you just want some plain ol' speghetti. If the latter is what you're currently craving, then maybe it's time you took a trip down to Mamma Martino's, located in Etobicoke at 624B The Queensway. This restaurant has been around since 1983, run by Bruno Martino and his family, and has become an institution known all around Etobicoke, as well as the rest of the GTA. 

So why leave Toronto for a meal? Just look for yourself: 

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Mamma Martino's has huge, delicious portions of the typical pastas and pizzas we love and crave. Carbonera? Check! Alfredo? Check! Spaghetti and meatballs? CHECK! The best part (other than the flavour)? THE PRICE. Large bowls of pasta will cost you between $9-$ yes, it's totally worth the drive.

Check out the rest of their menu here

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They also have plenty of appetizers and desserts. 

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How cute is this covered courtyard?! The perfect place for a low-key date. Meanwhile the inside of the restaurant boasts the classic red and white checkered table clothes every 'classic' Italian restaurant needs. 

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Pizza's are large and can be customized however you want. Half pepperoni, half Hawaiin? No problem ;). 

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