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Toronto Just Got A French-Inspired Korean Restaurant That You Should Add To Your List

Prepare your tastebuds for this unique experience.
Toronto Just Got A French-Inspired Korean Restaurant That You Should Add To Your List

Doma is a hidden gem, modestly kept away in the heart of Little Italy. The space was formerly occupied by Backwoods Smokehouse, but the cuisines couldn’t be any different. Doma is bringing something new and fresh to the Toronto foodie scene: French inspired Korean dishes!

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This classy establishment is the first location from owner / chef Paul Kim – originally from Seoul. The décor is minimalist and effortlessly tasteful, with simple wood tables and a warm environment. The restaurant is cozy, a perfect combination to the elegant dishes.

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Their menu changes month by month, so you’ll always be tempted to try their unique creations. But don't worry, they keep a couple of their most popular dishes in rotation each month so you can always satisfy your craving. Whether you're a seafood lover, vegetarian, or crave some specialty meat dishes, there's something for everyone.

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Not to mention, they have a handful of must-try specially designed house cocktails ($13) to compliment their Korean ingredients! Check out these cheeky named drinks like the Pear of My Eye (Tito's Vodka, Disaronnao, Asian pear, lemon) or the Foreign Currency (El Dorado 3 year rum, red bell pepper, lime, basil, Prosecco).

So, if you’re feeling adventurous with a group of friends, or want to impress a date with your new restaurant finds in Toronto, Doma will not disappoint! You can even try their entire tasting menu (plus one dessert) for $65 per person! Get ready to arrive hungry, but leave extremely satisfied.

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