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This Gelato Spot In Toronto Serves Up The Most Unique Flavours

In'cone'ceivably delicious!
This Gelato Spot In Toronto Serves Up The Most Unique Flavours

If you love gelato, and let's be honest here who doesn't, then I'm going to introduce to you your new favourite spot. Gelato is and Italian dessert that's basically the same as ice cream but with more milk and less cream and eggs. 

Gelato is usually known for it's more fruity flavours compared to ice cream's creamy and sugary flavours. But Death In Venice Gelato takes the flavour game of gelato up at least 10 notches with their incredibly unique and creative selection! 

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Death In Venice Gelato is located at 536 Queen St W near the Fashion District in downtown Toronto. The flavours of gelato at this spot with blow your mind and your taste buds at the same time! 

What are just some of these crazy flavours, you ask? Peanut Butter and Croissant, Ricotta Lemon Rosemary, Quince & Champagne, Beetroot Rosewater Cardamom, Mexican Spiced Chocolate, Turkish Coffee, Nutella Cookies, Chocolate & Sour Cherry and so many more! 

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They're always switching up the flavours on their menu and creating new and exciting ones for their faithful customers to try. You can choose to purchase a single scoop while you're there or bring home a couple pints to enjoy at home! 

But insanely delicious gelato isn't the only thing this shop does well. They also serve up brunch, steamed dumplings, pizza AND empanadas! What can't this place do, right? It's basically a little market place serving up all kinds of different goodies for you to indulge in at the same time. 

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Check out their Facebook page for more information and a full menu.