The Middle East is an area of the world that's rich in culture and history. It's known for it's desert like climate, it's stunning architecture like all the impressive mosques, the natural beauty all around like the Dead Sea and the Sahara Dessert, and of course the food! 

The Middle East has some seriously amazing food and it's popular all over the world now! Think of Falafels and Shawarma from Lebanon, coffee from Turkey, hummus from all over the Middle East and so much more! 

There's a restaurant in Mississauga that does all the best Middle Eastern cuisines in a super aesthetically pleasing space. East Tea Can is a Middle Eastern Canteen that will feel like you were transported straight to the Middle East! 

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East Tea Can is located at 3115 Winston Churchill Blvd just outside the Toronto city centre. Here you can experience all the exciting flavours that the Middle East has to offer with a fun twist. 

They feature fresh, halal ingredients to make their amazing plates. Some of the delicious things on their menu include Tabboulah, all kinds of hummus and dips paired with oven fresh bread, falafel, shawarma, fattoush and sooo much more! 

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The space inside is huge, bright and colourful perfect for a date night or a big family dinner! It's also so gorgeous for pictures in front of their big blue door out front and inside the colourful space with perfect lighting. 

Most people who have lived in the Middle East or have family origins there will know the meaning behind the name of this gorgeous restaurant. It comes from the Arabic name for small tea cup called an "Estikan" which originated from the English phrase "East Tea Can" back in the time of British colonization. It's a piece of Arabic history and culture brought to Canada! 

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Check out their website for more information!