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This GTA Escape Game Immerses You In A Science Fiction Scenario With Multiple Endings

It's like a choose-your-own-adventure IRL.
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Have you ever wondered how you'd fare if you were locked in a windowless room for an hour? Do you think you'd escape?

Between the rush to beat the clock, the chance to use your problem-solving skills, and a little help from your friends, that answer may just be a resounding "yes!". If you're willing to put your money where your mouth is, you can find out for yourself.

TRAPPED is one of the biggest real-life escape games in Canada and one of the fastest-growing escape-room franchises. They have nine locations across six provinces for everyone to enjoy, including a newly opened venue in Mississauga and the headquarter location in Markham. 

If you're looking for some awesome new thrills, one of TRAPPED's newest and best-rated games is Chaos Effect. The unique science fiction theme is 70 minutes long and involves a whole new concept of interactive game-play design. In Chaos Effect, it's no longer just about escaping a room. You and your teammates will need to find out your real purpose — and your goal — after entering. It even offers the possibility for players to explore multiple endings.

TRAPPED will soon be releasing an all-new futuristic theme called ROOM 057, complete with high-tech elements and a twisted ending that no other escape-room facility has. For avid escape-room fanatics who've seen it all, it's a completely new take on your average escape room!

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As an entertainment company that creates realistic escape rooms with interesting storylines, TRAPPED knows how to create a fun, mind-boggling time. Here, you can be an explorer who's entered the Great Pyramid complex in Giza, Egypt, in the hopes of discovering a legendary sarcophagus. You can be a peasant living in the 14th century, wrongly convicted of treason and trying to escape the castle's dungeon before the jail warden brings you to the gallows. Or you can be an expert bank robber trying to unlock a vault before time runs out and you're caught.

No matter what theme you choose at TRAPPED, everything is designed with realism and immersion and can be touched, examined, and interacted with, so that you can really get lost in the game. 

To book your next escape room adventure, visit TRAPPED's website. To get an idea of what's in store, check out their Instagram and Facebook page.

Jennifer Browne
Sponsored Content Contributing Writer
Jennifer Browne is a Sponsored Content Contributing Writer for the Studio department focused on sponsored content and is based in Vancouver, Canada.