An Instagram star who goes by Mucho TV, a.k.a. our new favourite person, is killing it right now with his series of hilariously accurate raps about different cities near Toronto. His first one about Mississauga has almost 27,000 views on Instagram. He's released several more since, including Oakville, Brampton, Scarborough and North York.

In each of them, Mucho TV calls out traffic and public transit woes, all the hilarious personality types, local destinations and unique struggles that only people who are familiar with the area can appreciate.  His use of Toronto slang, and the background photos that appear as he's rapping, make the videos that much funnier.

Anyone who's ever taken the TTC or Toronto's roads and highways can find something to laugh about. Some of our favourite lines from Mucho TV's rap about North York include, "The 401 past Weston, way too stressin', rush hour give me depression" and "My ex's heart empty like Bessarion station." We also love, "Your four-door hit a pothole and then four more." So true, so very true.

Mucho TV does more than just make brilliant parodies about the GTA. He makes short comedy sketches about all kinds of relatable situations, and interviews people about their knowledge of Toronto slang. He even made a rap about all the ridiculous things that happened in 2017, from Donald Trump drama to the rise of the fidget spinner. 

You can watch all the videos on his Instagram profile here.