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This Happy Hour In Toronto Is The Next Place You Should Grab Drinks With Your BFFs

Livin' that champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget.

For young foodies in Toronto, the struggle is real. Whilst the city has a global reputation as a food lover's paradise with new watering holes popping up all the time, there is still a big issue with these restaurants. What is it you might be wondering? Their happy hour!

I bet you guys can all relate to this scenario… You’re getting ready to go out with your friends for some late night munchies and you want to go somewhere nice that’s not going to break the bank. However, it’s too late for happy hour so you’re out of luck if you’re trying to score some drink deals.

However, there's one restaurant that just gets it right, offering up world-class food and drinks, but with a laid back, come-as-you-are attitude, welcoming everyone who lives in this city. Squad nights out are back on the cards especially thanks to their Happy Happy After Hour!

via @joeyrestaurants

JOEY Restaurants have been serving up the world's biggest and boldest flavours for years, offering a variety of meals inspired by, or plucked from menus from across the globe and bringing them right to your doorstep in this city we all call home.

The team behind JOEY traveled across the world, exploring every type of food outlet from off-the-beaten-track cafes, to high-end restaurants, and even street markets - trying whatever dishes they could lay their hands on. They ate their way from one country to another, in the hopes of understanding what makes different populations tick when it comes to food and learning the culinary secrets behind some of the world's tastiest cuisines.

JOEY doesn't just know how to make great food. Their globally inspired drinks menu is worth exploring too; with beers and wines from the four corners of the world (including a fair selection of local tipples too), as well as an extensive cocktail menu from traditional mixes to signatures which you won’t find anywhere else in The 6ix (Super Sonic Gin & Tonic anyone?) you will not leave the bar disappointed.

via @joeyrestaurants

Now, Torontonians are welcomed to any one of their restaurants in the GTA, including a downtown location in the Eaton Centre, to experience food in a totally new light - after hours!

via @joeyrestaurants

The real reason you should be checking this place out, though, is for what might just become your new favourite happy hour. Understanding that most people aren’t exactly ready to get turnt at the time of most of the city’s happy hours, JOEY created the Super Happy Happy After Hour. Basically, you get happy hour prices after 9 pm Sunday – Thursday (genius!), so even the 9-5ers of the group have no excuses and can join the fun.

With $4 drinks and appetizers at $3.50, you’ve got all the bases covered for a great night out at a top restaurant, but at a price that's very easy to justify.

via @joeyrestaurants

Not only does JOEY offer up dishes and drinks well worthy of the #foodporn hashtag, but you can keep your Insta game strong with their gorgeous interior design. Each of their restaurants is unique, offering up a modern and stylish environment, but always infused with a casual comfort – eat with your fingers, live vicariously!

So if you're looking for your next after hours spot, or you just want to try something different, why not hit up JOEY Restaurant's website for their full menu and list of locations, or check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for some serious #foodporn and more information about their Super Happy Happy After Hours.