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This Harry Potter Escape Room Near Toronto Challenges You To Break Out Of Hogwarts

Attention, Harry Potter fans -  the first Harry Potter escape room is coming to the GTA this April, and it’s going to be absolutely magical.

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Oshawa Escape Rooms Inc. in Durham recently announced that it will be opening “Escaping Hogwarts” on April 15th. The adventure involves a unique story, which was detailed on their Facebook page:

”You have been cursed on the train ride home for the summer and it didn't wear off until you got back to school! You are having the time of your life roaming the castle at night with no one to stop you. The only problem? The doors locked behind you and you can't get out! You have 60 minutes before Filch the caretaker comes back from Hogsmeade because when he catches you, he will hang you by your toes in the dungeon so you better think quick to find a way out!"

Throughout the year,  this storyline will change, but the room will still remain themed to the Harry Potter series.

Due to popular demand, the escape room has its own waiting list of people anticipating a chance to book a session. For bookings, the facility requires a $100 deposit (plus tax) for a minimum of four people.

To be put on the mailing list, contact the following:

  • 289-240-4731

For more information, visit

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