This Harry Potter Escape Room Near Toronto Needs You To Break Harry Out Of Privet Drive

There’s mischief to be managed.
This Harry Potter Escape Room Near Toronto Needs You To Break Harry Out Of Privet Drive

A new Harry Potter-themed escape room near Toronto will have you reliving the famous story of the boy wizard.

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Oshawa Escape Rooms is a family-owned business that creates fun puzzles and adventure games for groups. They offer a selection of five escape rooms, each of them taking on a different theme from popular culture.

One of their escape rooms takes inspiration from the second novel in the Harry Potter series, where the Weasley’s fly to Privet Drive in their magic car and break Harry out of the Dursley’s:

“A young wizard is locked inside his bedroom under the stairs,” the game description reads. “His evil guardians are determined to stop him from going to wizard school and becoming the greatest wizard of all time. Can you safely sneak into his house and help him escape this unpaved fate that his guardians have laid out for him?”

Via Oshawa Escapes

You and your friends will have to put your minds together in order to solve the puzzles laid out throughout the wizard’s room. The game requires at least four players, with a maximum eight allowed, and it costs $25 per person to play.

You’ll have a full 60 minutes to try and escape, but beware — the creators of the game have ranked it at the highest difficulty, so you’ll need to act fast if you want to succeed!

Oshawa Escape Rooms has another Harry Potter-themed escape room that is also worth checking out. It’s inspired by Hogwarts and is a whole lot of fun as well.

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