It's official guys, patio season is in full swing! This is the very first week that we're feeling the heat we've been waiting for and I know we all can't wait to flock to the nearest patio after work today for drinks in the sunshine. 

I don't know about you guys but I've seriously missed those lazy days where you can spend hours lounging on a patio with the sun beating down on your face, a chilled drink in your hand and good friends surrounding you. Those are the best days! 

Now they're back and it's time to take advantage. Toronto is full of stunning patios but there's one that's more unique than all the others. There's a patio at the Fifth Pubhouse that's actually hidden in an alleyway! 

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You can find the Fifth Pubhouse at 221 Richmond St. W located right in the heart of downtown Toronto. This is the very first alleyway patio to ever be created in the city and you definitely need to add this to your patio crawl list this summer. 

The patio comes equipped with cute red tables and chairs, hanging green plants, a string of twinkly lights above your head all fit nicely between the classic brick walls of the alleyway. 

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The Fifth Pubhouse prides itself on being a 'Great Canadian Bar' serving up a huge selection of beers on tap, a wine and cocktail list as well as a menu full of food! 

They have literally all kinds of foods that you could ever want including classic pub foods like burgers, wings, quesadillas, mac n' cheese and so much more! 

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Check out their website for more information.